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Has anyone worked at Whistler/Blackcomb?

I'm thinking about heading down there and working there next winter. And I've talked to a few people who worked at Banff/Louise, but haven't really came across anyone who's worked at Whistler. I was wondering how it was...the people you worked with/for, what you did, where you lived, if it's retardedly expensive, if you recommend the experience to someone else...etc etc etc. Pretty much anything that anyone could tell me would be appreciated!

I was also thinking about Kicking Horse in Golden, BC...these are just ideas for now, I'm just trying to explore my options, and I'd like to know if anyone else had worked at any other Canadian ski hills as well and what they thought of them, etc. I've checked some of the sites and they've got the basic info for what you wanna know, but I want some actual feedback from people!

Any help/info/suggestions/tips would be greatly appreciated!!!!!! Thanks in advance!!!

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