put the details in a jar and bury them underwater (africanviolin) wrote in mountian_love,
put the details in a jar and bury them underwater

new member!!!!

My name is…CASSIE

23 years old.

I live in…spokane valley, wa

Years snowboarding…this season will make four, i think, maybe 15 times all together

Did you ski before you started riding?no

Home mountain(s)…ummm only been to a few (spokane, lookout, red)

What kind of setup? Boots, bindings, board:rossignol board, dc boots, i don't remember what my bindings are

Ever been or want to go to a snowboard camp? What one? Any reasons why?(optional)

My favorite snowboarder is…

The sweetest trick I can do is …break my face getting off the lift

Park or powder? Or both?powder

What are you best at?nothing really, yet, i can make s's both ways (against the mt, opposite the mt)

Goofy/Regular/both?both, i prefer goofy, but i can ride both.

Favorite bands…death cab, jacks mannequin, vanessa carlton, decemberists. mellow stuff, i guess.

Favorite snowboard videos…

Picture of you and your setup(if you can a pic of you is just fine too)my myspace pic therei don't have any pictures of me in my setup, i never really have a camera with me on the hill...

One of your best snowboarding experiences/wildest thing you have done: getting to red and not being able to drive up the hill to our room b/c there was a good 6-8" of fresh snow on the street. i haven't really done anything too wild yet @ the mountain, i'm comfy with my basics & this season i'm gonna learn some tricks.

Worst one/worst crash…falling off the lift @ red mt in canada. i got ran over and they had to stop the lift. so embarassing. i'm def a beginner @ the lift!

Favorite Clothing Line...burton, black dot (is that a lame one?). though most of what i actually own is columbia, airwalk and helly hanson

Favorite Songs...the district sleeps alone tonight, seventy times seven, my sharona

Describe Your Style in One Word: eclectic

Why do you want to be in this community? commeraderie

Favorite Place To Be... at the top of the hill, surveying

What's the worst weather you've boarded in? Did you enjoy it? ice rain, with muddy puddles at the lift. no

When's the latest/earliest you've ever boarded?my second year, we boarded in tshirts in the beginning of april. everyone was sunburned by the end of the day. yay!

Do you stay on bunny runs or explore the terrain?explore

"top 5 reasons why you love snowboarding: personalizing it, independent sport, something to do when the weather turns cold, cool looking tricks, great workout

How often do you ride? maybe 10 times a season? hopefully a ton this season, we get jipped last year!

Would you ride naked for perfect powder? yes

Do you really love the mountain? yes

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