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Hey, This is a communty for those who love snowboarding no matter the ablity. This is the place to talk about everything you love or hate about snowboarding (but you have to love the actual snowboarding it's self or like it TONS). Talk about boads, resorts, park, powder, clothing, ANYTHING! even the music you like to listen to while riding! First 10 members in auto!

This is for people who will board in almost any weather and who will work just to afford to ride, those who wish they could ride everyday and are truly passonite about it, pretty much the only reason you wont be accepted is that I feel you don't really love it.

(sort of)
sorry the app is long, we would like to get to know you better, anwser them the best you can plaese! and no being mean to other people! we want a good vibe, yeah know? Also pretty much everyone is in, the app. as I said is to get to know you and to see if you do have a love for the mountian and snowboarding...so here it is and plaese lj-cut and write I board the mountain in it or on the subject line!

My name is…
___ years old.
I live in…
Years snowboarding…
Did you ski before you started riding?
Home mountain(s)…
What kind of setup? Boots, bindings, board:
Ever been or want to go to a snowboard camp? What one? Any reasons why?(optional)
My favorite snowboarder is…
The sweetest trick I can do is …
Park or powder? Or both?
What are you best at?
Favorite bands…
Favorite snowboard videos…
Picture of you and your setup(if you can a pic of you is just fine too)
One of your best snowboarding experiences/wildest thing you have done…
Worst one/worst crash…
Favorite Clothing Line...
Favorite Songs...
Describe Your Style in One Word:
Why do you want to be in this community?
The Link for where you Promoted this Community...
Favorite Place To Be...
What's the worst weather you've boarded in? Did you enjoy it?
When's the latest/earliest you've ever boarded?
Do you stay on bunny runs or explore the terrain?
"top 5 reasons why you love snowboarding"
How often do you ride?
Would you ride naked for perfect powder?
Do you really love the mountain?
Final Words...

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